Schwarzkopf Advanced Education – Virtual

Learn about the creative color tools in Igora Royal that you never knew existed… already in the Schwarzkopf tool box!

Have you ever wondered how to use Pastelfier? 0-11? Join local class-favorite Stephany Burton as she dives into Schwarzkopf’s creative formulation tools! Plus, learn how to incorporate them into your everyday salon portfolio.

This is a VIRTUAL EVENT! Tickets can be purchased through us (512444-6777) or through Eventbrite. This is a Microsoft Teams Virtual event. For a smooth experience, please familiarize yourself with MS Teams in advance. Link to tickets through Eventbrite:

Want to play along? Create and test along-side Stephany with these shades:

  • Pastelfier
  • Absolute 6-60
  • Absolute 6-460
  • 0-55
  • 0-89
  • 0-11
  • 0-22
  • E-1
  • HiLift 10-21
  • HiLift 12-4
  • L-00
  • L-88
  • 9.5-49
  • 9.5-22
  • Silverwhite
  • Dove Grey

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